HVO-powered Truck Delivers Goods from Padova to Belgrade – FERCAM Srbija’s First Eco-Transport

The first truck to fill its tank with HVO biofuel instead of fossil fuels has delivered goods from Italy to Serbia.

The truck, equipped with a Euro 6 engine and fully loaded (24 tons), traveled 789 kilometers from Padova, Italy, to Belgrade. If it had used traditional diesel fuel, it would have emitted 1.396 kg/km of CO2, but with HVO fuel, it only emitted 0.224 kg/km of CO2, which is an 84% reduction, preventing the emission of 924 kg of CO2. This is the first ecological transport organized by FERCAM Srbija.

At the “Logistics innovations and solutions in supply chains” (LOGIS) conference, recently held at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade, FERCAM Srbija Country Manager Marko Kambić presented all the benefits of this green project.

FERCAM Srbija is part of the FERCAM group based in Bolzano, Italy. In Serbia, they organize international and domestic road transport of goods. Founded in 2017, they employ 75 people, most of whom are traffic engineers.

– As a company that highly values environmental protection, we sought a solution to make our fleet greener. FERCAM in Italy has been using HVO, also known as the fuel of the future, for several years now. We decided to implement this practice in Serbia.

What is HVO Fuel?

HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. It is hydrotreated vegetable oil made from a mixture of vegetable oils, animal fats, and other waste materials such as straw, algae, organic waste, agricultural waste, and used cooking oil. This biofuel does not contain palm oil.
HVO is compatible with diesel engines (EURO6) and is absolutely colorless and odorless.


–  Our trucks with Euro 6 engines and full tanks can travel a distance of 3,000 kilometers. Thanks to this, we cover the entire circle and create a so-called green corridor Italy – Serbia – Italy, explains Kambić.

– FERCAM has a series of HVO fueling stations in Bolzano, Vicenza, Padova, and Milan, and in partnership with the company ENI, HVO fueling for our trucks is possible at 150 pumps throughout Italy.

Why is HVO Fuel an ECO-FRIENDLY Choice?

HVO fuel allows for a CO2 emission reduction calculated across the entire supply chain (Well to Wheel) of up to 90%. Thanks to its low carbon content, the use of this biofuel significantly reduces greenhouse gas effects.

– This is just the beginning of FERCAM’s green agenda in Serbia. We hope for the support of a large number of clients to build sustainable and green logistics together. To protect our nature and create a better, greener place for all of us to live in, FERCAM representatives say.

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