Atlantic finds strategic partner for Palanački kiseljak

Vik Pro Univerzal d.o.o., a company with abundant experience in the segment of water and soft drinks, continues the strategic development of its business.

Atlantic Grupa signed with Vik Pro Univerzal d.o.o. a sale and purchase agreement for the sale of the Palanački kiseljak production site in Smederevska Palanka. The subject of the sale and purchase is the entire production site with all its assets, including the traditional mineral water brand on the Serbian market – Karađorđe, and the new owner is also set to take over the Palanački kiseljak employees. Atlantic Grupa primarily produces and bottles products for the Cockta brand on the site and will continue with these activities in a service form.

The strategic buyer, Vik Pro Univerzal d.o.o. based in Belgrade, has abundant experience in the segment of  water and soft drinks, so far primarily in the field of trade, but has a vision and ambition to develop Palanački kiseljak and its employees in the long-term, which is a positive prospect for this site.

The sale of this production site is part of the process of disinvestment of smaller and non-core businesses, in line with Atlantic’s corporate strategy.

Source: Zagreb Stock Exchange, Atlantic Group