How transport platforms contribute to climate friendlier supply chain management

Climate change does not only damage the environment but also the economy. According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), from 1980 to 2013 climate-related economic losses of 400 billion euros were reported. More and more companies from manufacturing and trade are therefore aiming to reduce their CO2 emissions. The Italian start-up GreenRouter points out important saving-potentials within the supply chain.

Empty runs and environmental pollution considered systematically

In a current study using a 26-ton EURO 6, GreenRouter underlines the need to systematically consider the harmful impact on the environment of empty runs. The CO2 emission per driven kilometre are:

–    0.9 kg with a full load
–    0.7 kg empty

However, taking a closer look, as Andrea Fossa, CEO of GreenRouter, explains:

– A fully loaded truck produces 25-30 percent more emissions as an empty one. Nonetheless, an extra truck must be used to transport the load the empty truck could have transported. So, in the end the empty run has to be added to the additional truck and the final effect is that empty runs contribute to higher harmful emissions.

Good for economy and the environment: digital transport platforms

One of the most efficient measures to avoid empty runs and reduce CO2 emissions are digital transport platforms. According to GreenRouter, the logistics company Rampinini Ernesto was able to increase the utilisation of its fleet by 30 percent and its profit margin by 15 percent thanks to Europe’s largest transport platform. At the same time they reduced their CO2 emissions by 23 percent.

Climate friendlier transport gains importance for shipping companies. By choosing transport service providers that efficiently use their resources, they too support the achievement of their climate objectives.

Lars Laskowski, Head of Logistics at MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH, and whose company has already carried out numerous transports through the TimoCom platform, also confirms this:

– Reduction of CO2 emissions in all areas of the supply chain, including transport, responsibility and sustainability are very important issues at MC-Bauchemie.

All benefit from the objective “reduce CO2 emission” by using digital transport platforms – shippers, transport companies and the environment.

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