Nebojša Đekić, Director of Business Development at cargo-partner – Five factors for choosing the right warehousing solution

In today’s global market, quality warehousing, along with all related services from the warehouse business portfolio, is becoming a key factor in enabling a seamless supply chain. The rapid rise of e-commerce has not only revolutionized the way consumers order their products but has also affected the business perspective of distribution and warehousing. In addition to an increasing need for storage space, this trend has also led to a growing demand for value-added services, from picking and packing up to return logistics.

In the past, the choice of a warehouse was mostly determined by costs, but this is now changing as the market dictates new requirements. Storage of goods is no longer reduced to renting square meters or leasing physical space. Today, customers demand integrated solutions that can help them achieve maximum efficiency in their supply chain.

We talked about this with Nebojša Đekić, Director of Business Development at cargo-partner.

The cargo-partner logistics and distribution center in Belgrade is located near Nikola Tesla Airport and in the immediate vicinity of the two international highways E-75 and E-70. Stretching over 8,000 m², the high-rack warehouse contains 13,000 pallet slots and is equipped with 20 loading and unloading ramps, with special access for oversized cargo.

– Finding the right warehouse significantly determines the speed and efficiency of your supply chain. Therefore, the cost of storage should not be the only factor for the final decision. While there is no denying that this is one of the essential criteria to consider when choosing a warehouse space, I would list a few more factors that are extremely important for inventory management to work perfectly. These are: location, availability of the latest technological solutions, customized solutions for different types of goods, i.e. different industries, additional services and – most importantly – motivated and efficient employees, who are essential for building long-term relationships with clients –  Nebojša Đekić told PlutonLogistics.

Research shows that all large investors locate their facilities along the corridor because connectivity and efficient transport are essential in ensuring the availability of goods. Is this why you emphasize location as the primary factor in choosing a warehouse?

– Location is a strategic decision. Warehouse availability and proximity to key roads are extremely important factors in warehouse selection.
By choosing a warehouse location with smooth traffic flows, good traffic signals and highways with a sufficient amount of exit ramps, we can save time and fuel and minimize accidents. Of course, saving time also means saving costs and delivering shipments faster, which enables good synergies between suppliers and customers. Good connectivity positively affects work efficiency and delivery speed, and thus storage and transport costs, which ultimately have an impact on a company’s business results.

Our logistics center is located in Dobanovci, not far from Belgrade. We are well connected with Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade and we are in the immediate vicinity of two international highways: Belgrade-Niš (E-75) and Belgrade-Zagreb (E-70). Being close to the most important roads in the country allows us to react flexibly to fluctuating demands and ensure maximum availability of goods to a large number of consumers.”

The appearance and equipment of warehouses are changing extremely quickly with the advancement of modern technological solutions. There is more and more talk about digital warehouse management and various systems to automate processes. How can these technologies help make warehouse operations more efficient?

– The quality of equipment and the application of modern IT solutions affect the speed of the flow of goods, the utilization of storage capacity, the costs and, most importantly, the quality of delivery. In our logistics center, we make use of state-of-the-art IT systems to provide our customers with 24-hour visibility, real-time inventory management as well as complete IT connectivity via EDI/API. Our online supply chain management platform SPOT is also available free of charge to all our customers and easily accessible through any Internet browser or mobile application. SPOT allows our customers to track shipments, create transport orders, contact our operators, access transport documentation, generate detailed reports and much more.

Different types of goods require different treatment and storage conditions. When choosing a warehouse, how can companies ensure that the facility provides ideal conditions for each of their products?

– Depending on the type of goods, there are a number of things to look out for in regard to special equipment, industry expertise, quality standards and additional services. At our logistics centers, we focus on providing integrated, end-to-end warehousing and distribution solutions, including expertise in those industries which are most important to our customers.

Our high-rack warehouse in Dobanovci near Belgrade provides 8,000 m² of storage space, 2,500 m² of which is registered as a public customs warehouse. cargo-partner in Serbia is ISO and OPS (AEO-F) certified, following high-quality standards and providing efficient customs brokerage services. The logistics center operates according to HACCP guidelines and provides optimal conditions for goods that require veterinary certificates.

Is the motto “Everything in one place” just a phrase or an important business decision?

– Most logistics centers provide basic warehousing and shipping services. However, there is a growing demand for additional services. Companies can save a lot of time and money by choosing a logistics center that can provide value-added services like picking and packing, re-packing and co-packing, printing and submitting customs declarations, product testing and document insertion. In addition to these, cargo-partner also provides international and domestic road transport services including pallet and parcel distribution, customs brokerage and transport insurance. Our team of certified customs intermediaries ensures that the import and export customs clearance of our clients’ shipments is performed in a proper and timely manner.

At the end of the day, however, everything depends on the people. Why do you emphasize motivated employees as the key to a smooth supply chain?

– Employees play a crucial role in the handling and storage of goods and the complete service package that accompanies the warehouse business. The presence of a reliable and experienced workforce in the warehouse is an additional advantage. Among the key things to look out for is whether employees have the necessary skills to handle specific products. Also, compare the size of the storage facility and the number of employees. Based on this, you can determine if the warehouse is suitable for handling your products with the care they deserve.

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