Research equipment for space mission arrives in Northern Sweden

The Gebrüder Weiss container with the research equipment for the space mission has arrived in Kiruna, northern Sweden. Truck driver Rudolf Kiesel was on the road for four days to cover the 2,000 kilometers from Berlin to the Arctic Circle via Stockholm. Gebrüder Weiss is the official logistics partner of the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) and was responsible for organizing the transport of the equipment for the 15th space mission. Preparations are now beginning there for the rocket launch, which is scheduled for November 22.

Foto: Gebrüder Weiss/Florian Lorenz

Thomas Heger, logistics expert at Gebrüder Weiss in Nuremberg, on the challenges:

– The route from Berlin to Kiruna is certainly an unusual one. It is the northernmost point a Gebrüder Weiss truck has ever been.

Yet, despite this fact, at no time was Heger on edge while the journey was being made.

– We were able to rely fully on our own resources and logistical expertise along the entire route, which is why I firmly believed from the very beginning that we would be able to handle it well – says Heger.

About the mission

The SSC will be conducting the “SubOrbital Express 3 (S1X-3M15)” mission at its Esrange Space Center near Kiruna from November 14 to 24, in which twelve scientific experiments will be sent into space to study their behavior at zero gravity. The tests aboard the rocket have been provided by international research teams covering the fields of biomedicine, physics, astronomy and biology. The purpose of the mission is to gain insights relevant for research work and the work of astronauts in space.

Watch Thomas Heger, logistics expert at Gebrüder Weiss, talk about the challenges involved in this transport in the video interview