The construction of Hall 2 in Eastern Sarajevo

The construction of a regional-ambient Nelt Hall 2 in Sarajevo is underway. With this 4 million Euros investment, we plan to strengthen our capacities with 5,000 more pallet spaces. The new storage will spread on 3,700 square meters with an additional 1,400 square meters of office space. The end of construction is expected in Spring 2019.

We’re also planning an extension of 700 square meters for the shelved storage and VAS services that Nelt has developed for our clients. VAS services offer different sorts of food, pharmaceuticals and technical goods packing. The goods can be repacked, branded, placed in commercial, promo and discount packs. All existing Nelt technology and standards will be implemented in the new storage as well.

Nelt in Bosnia has some 2000 square meters of office and 7500 m2 of storage space in an ambient, cool and frozen regime. Apart from Sarajevo, Nelt in Bosnia has distributive-logistic centers in Bijeljina and Banja Luka that, with a cross dock in Mostar, organize more than 20,000 deliveries per month in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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