FERCAM Future Labs promotes innovation in the logistics sector

Research, start ups and intrapeneurship are the three areas in which FERCAM Future Labs, established in March 2021, intends to make know-how and investments available for disruptive ideas in the logistics and transport sector.

The South Tyrolean transport and logistics company FERCAM with its recently established company, FERCAM Future Labs, intends to promote innovative and disruptive ideas as well as the development of sustainable solutions to the problems of its sector of activity. In addition to investments in start-ups, there is also a strong commitment to research activities that focus on three key areas: digitization, logistics and sustainability.

Promotion of the potential for innovation within your organization and of young start uppers

FERCAM Future Labs aims at supporting the innovation potential that comes from its collaborators, in the belief that great ideas are born from people who work daily in the sector, finding themselves facing difficulties and challenges every day. FERCAM Future Labs is also aimed at founders of start-ups with innovative solutions; in addition to the financial commitment in the initial and development phase, FERCAM Future Labs intends to provide support through its business experience, the specialized know-how of the sector as well as the opportunity to network with industry experts.

Izvor: fercam.com

One of the first start-ups with which FERCAM Future Labs has started a collaboration is Truckscreenia, a software and hardware company based at NOI Technopark in Bolzano, whose business objective is smarter mobility.

Currently, they are focussing on their main project, Truckscreenia System, a sustainable digital solution that creates synergies between the transport sector, the advertising sector, the management of road infrastructures and vehicular traffic, which benefits all parties involved.

FERCAM has already installed digital screens on various vehicles, particularly in urban centers, which can also be used for dynamic and targeted communications, other than traditional advertising, in real time and “on the road” through a georeferenced digital communication system.

Cooperation with research institutes

FERCAM Future Labs intends to act as a bridge between companies, universities and research institutes operating in areas of innovative research that aim to identify solutions to challenging problems, such as increasingly ecological deliveries and innovative technologies in the logistics field. “We wanted to create a dedicated company, 100% owned, which will specifically deal with all the innovations within the specific activities of our sector; it will act as the first interlocutor to evaluate any projects and initiate research contacts ”, says Hannes Baumgartner, CEO of FERCAM.

An important project that was recently launched by FERCAM with the CNR / ITAE (National Research Council) will be directly followed by FERCAM Future Labs. The objective of the project is the realization of prototypes of battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrid electric hydrogen fuel cells (FCHEV) with a Range Extender approach. Accumulation systems are also being studied for the optimal use of the electricity generated by the company’s photovoltaic systems as well as for the production of green hydrogen through water electrolysis.

Source/photo: fercam.com