14 days from Japan to Europe via Transsib Russian

Railways intends to reduce the travel time on Japan-Europe route to 14 days, from 19 days, via Trans-Siberian, which will attract more Japanese shippers.

Oleg Belozorov, the CEO of RZD said that the company is trying to provide new services and is reducing delivery times on the route. The company has already reduced the delivery time to Poland to 19 days and plans to reduce it even more to about 11-14 days, Oleg Belozorov explained.

Together with Japan’s Ministry of Transport, Russian Railways is implementing a series of test runs to ship containers from Japan. For example, on September 4, a batch of containers from Japanese shippers was shipped from Vladivostok using a new, fully electronic single technology for the registration of documents for the sea and rail transport. This new technology allows shippers to save up to four days on paperwork in the port.

– We have named this project Intertran and will replicate the idea on other routes –  Belozorov said.

It was expected the dispatch of another container, from the port of Toyama.
According to the estimations, about a third of all traffic on the Trans-Siberian Railway consists of freight on routes with Japan.