Chinese owners of Port of Zadar are prepared to invest in renovation of Unska railway

The management of Port of Zadar, majorly owned by the Chinese Luxury Real Estate company, announced an increase in equity capital of the Port of Zadar and expressed a readiness to invest in the renovation and modernization of Unska railway, from Knin to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This would mean that cargo railway transport and transport of goods from South-Eastern Europe to Adriatic ports of Zadar, Sibenik and Split would be reestablished after more than 20 years.

Unska railway, a shortest railway connection between mainland and southern Croatia, through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is extremely important for ports in middle Dalmatia, especially for the Port of Zadar, which has recently officially been taken over by Chinese company.

Railway leading to the Port of Zadar is in very bad condition and demands urgent renovation, with parallel works on the renovation of Unska railway. This initiative has also been supported by the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

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