Milsped Group is building an intermodal terminal in Popovac near Nis

Milsped Group, which has proven to be one of the leading logistics companies in the Balkans and Europe through its twenty-seven years of operation, has begun the construction of intermodal terminal in Popovac near Nis. It is planned that the works will be completed by the end of the year, and that the terminal will be operational at the beginning of the next year, they say in the Milsped Group.

– By constantly improving our services and investing in our business, we are keeping pace with the world’s leading logistics companies. The focus of logisticians is to find an efficient, economical and environmentally sustainable solution for the transport of goods. This can be achieved by combining various types of transport that can be organized at an intermodal terminal – they say in the Milsped Group.

For that reason, the Milsped Group started the construction of its intermodal terminal in the south of Serbia, in Popovac,  wanting to provide a complete integrated service.

Given the location, the terminal is extremely well connected with all international roads, as well as logistics and industrial centres in Serbia. The Milsped Group states that the plan is to include Kosovo and Metohija, eastern Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, and the route from Nis to Greece and Turkey with this location.

The focus is on the railway routes, because this location is a junction of roads to the east and south, as well asconnecting with other intermodal terminals in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Austria, Slovenia, etc.

As we find out, the terminal will be realized in three phases. The first phase will include the construction of a container terminal, with a parking lot and administration building, and all this will cover 4 ha. This terminal will have the function of a dry terminal, similar to all European terminals. The second phase will be the construction of a storage space of 15,000 m2 withinside track and all warehouses will be high-rack. In the third phase, the construction of a storehouse of 18,000 m2 is planned. The Popovac terminal will have three railway tracks of a total of 1000 m. The attractiveness of the terminal’s position is evidenced by the fact that it is located 2 km from the motorway that leads to Belgrade, Sofia and Thessaloniki.

So far in Serbia there has been no possibility of handling IMO cargo at terminals, as well ashandling semi-trailers and trailers. There are only block trains from the port, there are no trains from other European intermodal terminals – they explain in the Milsped Group and add that there will be a single operator at the terminal that will provide services to all business entities.

The novelties that will be provided in the intermodal terminal Popovac are: handling, loading and unloading of containers, handling of semi-trailers and trailers, handling of ADR / IMO dangerous cargo, RF handling of containers and PTI services. The planned capacity of this terminal is 50,000 TEU.

– Opening of the intermodal terminal Nis and its connecting with ports in the region, as well as with all world ports, will contribute to reducing external transport costs, which will make goods from the region of central, eastern and southern Serbia more price-competitive in markets around the world. This will additionally affect the rapid level of development and inflow of foreign investments in all parts of Serbia – they add in the Milsped Group.