FERCAM starts all-road transport from China

The Coronavirus emergency has also put a strain on the entire transport sector to and from China, forcing operators in the sector to find alternative solutions to air and maritime transport, also in consideration of the significant demand for transport registered in recent weeks.

FERCAM, a South Tyrolean transport and logistics operator, which has been active in air and maritime transport to and from China for many years as well as its intermodal land/rail service, the “Euro-Asian Landbridge”, has now established an entirely road link which connects all Chinese production sites with various European and Italian destinations.

– In the face of growing demand for transport from China, where production has gradually resumed over the past few weeks, air freight rates have also increased significantly due to the lack of availability of cargo planes and the great amount of work accumulated in recent weeks because of the health emergency ; the Landbridge intermodal service registers very long train booking times due to the limited availability of railway operators that perform this service. Transportation by sea containers has very long transit times which are not absolutely adequate for certain types of product – says Hans Splendori, FTL sales director.

The all-road service launched by FERCAM is limited to full loads of 20 tons and is intended in particular for the automotive, electrical components and machinery sectors, as well as for the much-needed medical and health products required on the whole European market, which can now transit safely without being subject to the high risk of blockage or seizure of loads in transit countries.

To ensure maximum safety of the service, the routes have been carefully identified and FERCAM cooperates with local operators with proven experience and knowledge of the peculiarities of the territory. All transports are however all risk insured.

The journey times of the all-road transport service vary from 20 to 23 days depending on the time taken at the borders of the various countries crossed; in addition to the reliability and safety of the service, one of the greatest advantages of the all-truck alternative at this time is certainly the significant reduction in cost compared to air transport, as well as being more competitive also with respect to rail transport.

– Full loads from China pass through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and arrive in Germany, where we take them over to proceed with customs clearance once they arrive on the national territory. We are very satisfied that we have been able to identify and make this alternative solution practicable in a very short time in a time of serious economic crisis. As confirmation of the need to be able to offer an alternative to air and sea transport, many customers have already confirmed their concrete interest in the whole road from China – concludes Hans Splendori.

For traditional air and sea shipments as well as Euro Asian Landbridge service, FERCAM is operating in collaboration with its on-site correspondent in all the major ports, airports and railway terminals.

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