Germany inspection: 70% of HGVs found to have violated road transport laws

On Monday morning, Mannheim traffic police conducted priority checks on commercial goods traffic at the Kraichgau gas station and rest area on the A6 in the direction of Heilbronn. 70% of the vehicles checked were found with violations.

The main focus of the inspection was compliance with drivers’ hours and rest times. The inspectors checked a total of 21 vehicles and their drivers, 15 of whom had violated road transport law.

Of those 15 drivers, 11 of them had illegally spent their weekly rest in their vehicles.

Moreover, the following violations were also detected during the inspection:

  • 22 violations of regulations on driving and rest times that resulted in security deposits totalling 20,000 euros being issued;
  • 4 cases of excessive violations of the law on driving and rest times;
  • One insufficient load securing;
  • One case of the drink-driving;
  • Due to the above violations, 13 drivers were not allowed to continue their journey.

In a statement, the inspectors said the result of the controls “clearly shows the importance of such actions in increasing traffic safety in public traffic areas.” The authorities stress further inspections of a similar nature are planned in the near future.


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