Two lorry parks on key routes in France to close for 2 months

As of April 9th, two lorry parks located on key routes in France will be closed for a period of two months.

One of the parking areas affected is the Saint-Laurent car park, located on the A25 on the Lille-Dunkirk route. The other is the Grande-Synthe lorry park on the A16 on the Dunkerque-Calais route.

According to the FEBETRA, the Belgian road transport association, both parking zones have been closed due to “problems with migrants”.

This is not the first decision of this type in Europe. At the end of 2019, similar action was taken by the Belgian authorities in relation to the Amoudries car park on the E42 (A15 motorway) towards Mons . It was closed for a month for the same reason.

Moreover, the Belgian authorities have decided to introduce restrictions on the use of parking lots. Some parking areas are only available during the day, an example of which is last year’s restrictions at the Bettincourt parking zone on the E40/A3 route towards Brussels .

The French have also introduced such restrictions in the past. In the winter of 2019, a night parking ban was introduced at the Sarthe Sargé Le Mans Nord parking area on the A11 towards Paris.


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