Port of Thessaloniki reopens to Serbia

President of Port of Thessaloniki and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic PhD, spoke with representatives of Greek-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, led by President of Port of Thessaloniki, Sotiris Teofanis.

Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlovic emphasized the traditional and friendly cooperation between Serbia and Greece and recalled the special cooperation Serbia has historically had with the Port of Thessaloniki.

“Serbia is the center and an indispensable part of the transport network of Southeastern Europe, and every form of cooperation in this area is of great interest to us. We want cooperation with the Port of Thessaloniki, with which we have had very good relations throughout history and we want our companies to use as much as possible this form of transport, “Mihajlovic pointed out.

President of Port of Thessaloniki, Sotiris Teofanis, informed Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlovic and her team about the plans for the development of Port of Thessaloniki, as well as the possibilities of Thessaloniki port to invest into new terminals that would be located in Serbia as well as in the region.

“For us, cooperation with Serbia is not only an economic issue but also a traditional one. With new investments we want to provide access to the largest carriers to Thessaloniki port in order for it to be a regional transport center. We also want to invest in Serbia in so-called “dry ports “, ie containerized terminals that would actually be the gates of the Thessaloniki port in the region, ” Teofanis noted.

It was agreed that a special group for cooperation between the Ministry and the Greek-Serbian Chamber of Commerce would be formed as soon as possible, which would also define concrete plans and projects for joint cooperation.

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