Delegation of CEFTA customs offices in Nelt

A delegation of Customs offices from Montenegro, Moldavia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo was recently hosted by the Nelt Company. The visit was initiated by Serbian Customs office and German organization for international cooperation GIZ. The purpose of the visit was the exchange of information and familiarization with existing certificates, especially with the Authorized Economic Operator status. The AEO status has three levels: AEO C, AEO S and the highest AEO F for the highest level of security and safety of the flow of goods. Nelt achieved the highest level in 2017, confirming the fact that the highest safety standards in the entire chain of supply are met by the company.

After introducing the logistics segment of the company, Ivan Milicevic, Logistics Business Development Manager at Nelt Group focused on the AEO F certificate and informed the guests of the importance and benefits the AEO certificate brings, as well as the necessary conditions needed in order to receive the certificate.

– AEO status is the result of teamwork of multiple sectors in the company – logistics, trade, safety, finance, IT and HR. Thanks to the AEO status we can provide our clients with faster and simpler international customs services and most importantly extremely high standard of safety and security. The certificate is important for Nelt and is also a proof of the high quality of the services we provide – Milicevic said.

He added that the certificate simplifies and speeds up customs procedures which consequently results in shorter transportation time, costs cuts and customer satisfaction.

After the presentation, the delegation visited Public customs storage where they were introduced with the safety and the conditions of goods stored in the process of duty storage. They also learned about the way Nelt’s security service works.

AEO certificate is accepted by the United States and Japan, EU members, Switzerland, Norway and China. World trade organization wants to expand the treaty. By spreading the concept of AEO, unique customs and safety standards will be introduced in the international flow of goods within the SAFE program. The European Union recommends the acceptance of international treaties in order to protect the supply chain.