Unimog carries Christmas Tree from Paderborn to Berlin (PHOTO)

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Paderborn, Berlin Spandau – Long distances, heavy loads and highway journeys are no problem with a Unimog. A gardening and landscaping company from Paderborn is demonstrating this by taking an impressively large Christmas tree to Berlin.

The Nordmann fir, standing 21.7 meters tall and weighing 8.8 tons, was carried by a Unimog U 435 on a three-axle low loader. As a result of the excess length, the transportation task, covering the approximately 400 kilometers, took place at night with an escort vehicle. The vehicle with around 350 hp was rented specifically for this job from Unimog general distributor RKF Bleses.

The company, which in addition to gardening and landscaping is also active in the forestry and produces wood chips, among other things, has been transporting Christmas trees to the capital on behalf of its customer for 13 years. The company also supplies various enterprises in the Paderborn area with Christmas trees.

Marcel Grußmann from Grußmann Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH & Co KG Paderborn:

– This kind of special transport is only possible with thorough planning and experience. We initially loaded the tree with an 80-ton crane and tied the branches to the trunk. At its widest point, the tree has a diameter of a good ten meters. We had to tie up the fir tree together to a diameter of three meters in order to be able to transport it safely on the highway. A total of eight people were involved in this logistical masterpiece.

Source/photo: daimlertruck.com