OBU: New update for on-board units available

A new update will be available for more than a million OBUs from 30 August 2021. Your truck does not have to visit a workshop in order to receive the update. The new software will be transferred to the OBUs over the mobile network.

The update includes a new “cash closure” menu item, which simplifies the cash closure process. Toll amounts will soon be visible in the customer portal under “Non-invoiced journeys”.

The software update also adds to the linguistic diversity of the OBU. Using the “LANGUAGE” menu item, the driver can now change the on-board units from Bosch into Romanian as well as German, English, Polish, French and Dutch. All information in the menu items is now completely available in these six languages.

See the instructions to find out more about how cash closure is carried out. Please select the instructions that correspond to your OBU model.