New “At the Wheel” stories are coming! – The second season of the podcast starts on May 22nd

The heroes of the new season of the “At the Wheel” audio podcast are Vesna, Srba, Stefan, and Agent 2703. Four professional drivers honestly and authentically share their views of this profession. Sometimes while driving, more often when parked, they tell us about their experiences in Serbia, other countries of the Old Continent, and America…

Are they just a number for their employers? What is better – domestic distribution or international forwarding? How do women fare in this business? Why is truck driving in the US only a job for young people with no family? Why do drivers spend more time waiting rather than driving? You will learn all of this firsthand!

Original, dynamic, vibrant, and somewhat amusing stories await you starting from May 22nd on our YouTube channel and other streaming platforms.

The PlutonLogistics team’s idea was for the professionals in the field to share what a truck driver’s job is really like. With many challenges and complications both on the road and with documentation, with a lot of time spent waiting and in uncertainty, the conclusion of all our interlocutors reads – only those who love it can do this job.

We thank this season’s participants and we are certain that they contributed to the fight to improve the position of professional drivers and their working conditions, as well as that their stories will serve as lessons for their younger colleagues!

We improved the second season of the “At the Wheel” podcast with another format, and we will discuss burning topics in the transport industry with experts in the field – such as truck procurement, traffic safety regulations, and transport insurance…

The second season of the “At the Wheel” podcast is supported by the IVECO company, which invites you to join the exclusive online community for professional drivers and truck enthusiasts on the social networks INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

“At the Wheel” podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google PodcastsSpotify,, YouTube, as well as You can also find all episodes on the PlutonLogistics website.