Reconstructed flash furnace at Copper Smelter in Bor starts working

Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Djedovic attended today in Bor the commissioning of the flash furnace in the reconstructed smelter of the Zijin Copper company, which is a prerequisite for copper concentrate to be smelted according to ecological standards.

The Minister emphasised that with the completion of the works on the smelter, investments in the environment will gain full meaning, because, as she explained, in addition to multiple benefits for the company, employees and the state, this smelter will bring what the citizens of Bor have been missing for decades – better air quality and better working conditions.

Mayor of Bor Aleksandar Milikic said that the arrival of the Zijin company enabled the accelerated development of mining, as well as a better standard and living conditions for all citizens of this municipality, as well as of Eastern Serbia, and reminded that today that city has the highest average income per capita in Serbia.

General Director of Zijin Copper in Serbia Jian Ximing stated that the reconstructed smelter will use clean natural gas instead of fuel oil, coal and other highly polluting fuels, so that the concentration of powdery substances will not exceed five milligrams per normal cubic meter, which is in accordance with environmental standards. of the European Union.

Also, as he added, industrial waste water will be purified and reused in production, and the total carbon emission will be reduced to 0.62 tons per ton of cathode copper produced.

Source: The Government of the Republic of Serbia

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