MSC Belgrade Shares Supply Chain Expertise at Confindustria

MSC Belgrade was pleased to participate in a recent conference organized by Confindustria Serbia, “A path to recovery: the future of the global supply chain.”

From the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, the events of recent years have radically transformed the world and with it its supply chain creating challenges for both businesses and consumers. The Confindustria conference brought together experts and decision makers in a single forum to discuss the global impact of the pandemic and the latest geopolitical developments on world logistics.

MSC Belgrade Managing Director Stevica Carapic presented as one of the keynote speakers at the conference, where he highlighted MSC’s global service coverage and continued investment in intermodal solutions in the region, which have enabled the company to offer the best possible solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic and the supply chain disruptions that followed. In a panel discussion that followed, he also shared details about actions MSC had taken in response to volatility of supply chains, such as increased fleet capacity, investments in Port terminals worldwide and new services on key global trade routes.

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