INTEREUROPA: New warehousing capacities in Belgrade and Rijeka

At its session held on 28 October 2022, Intereuropa, d. d.’s Supervisory Board discussed and adopted the business-financial plan of the Intereuropa Group for 2023.

The Intereuropa Group is planning growth in sales revenue to EUR 197.8 million in 2023, when its activities will again focus on strengthening its market position as the leading provider of comprehensive logistics services in Slovenia and Southeast Europe.

The Group is planning EBITDA in the amount of EUR 16.5 million, which will be facilitated in part by new warehousing capacities in Belgrade and Rijeka that will be in use at the beginning of November and in December of this year.

The Group is planning investments for next year in the amount of EUR 10.6 million.

The timing of planned investments will be studied carefully due to the uncertain economic conditions. In addition to investments in the logistics infrastructure and information technology, the Intereuropa Group will also invest in the competences of its employees and the continued development of high-quality logistics services.

Source: Ljubljana Stock Excange