Mi pokrećemo sve(t) – An exhibition inspired by the World of Transport

On Saturday, 18th of September the grand opening of the exhibition “Mi pokrećemo sve(t)” took place in re-creative center Silosi Belgrade, exclusively for the employees of Gebrüder Weiss Serbia. Now open every day for the public until September 26th, visitors will be able to peek into the interesting past and development of the world of transport which has had an extraordinary impact on the progress of society.

– The pandemic pointed out to us the importance of transport and taught us how a small delay in the flow of goods can cause big problems and supply gaps. For that reason, we supported Gaia organization, with with which we share the same values, who which in cooperation with Belgrade historian Jelena Živkovic and artist Katarina Stankovic Bjegovic, designed a project that best represents our purpose, the world of transport and the importance of its innovations in everyday life – said Roland Raith, Country Manager of Gebrüder Weiss Serbia.

The project is realized at a location that combines modern with creative, and through an interactive exhibition, with the aim of presenting the history of transport, dating from the first vehicles, created 900,000 years ago, to modern achievements and to the mobility of tomorrow, in a modern, interesting and educational way.

As one of the most important companies in the field of transport and logistics, with a tradition of more than 500 years, Gebrüder Weiss is known for the values it nurtures, which are independence, sustainability, commitment and service excellence. Through this project, they want to present their heritage, which has made Gebrüder Weiss a successful and prosperous company in 35 countries worldwide.

– Transportation is an industry as old as human civilization, and the exhibition follows the most significant events in the history of transport from the discovery of the wheel, as one of the most significant events, to the role of transport in the development of the global economy, facing the challenges of digitalization and increasing demand for sustainability for the word of tomorrow – added Roland Raith.

The exhibition is open for visitors every day until September 26th from 6 pm to 9 pm in the chambers of the first silo, and admission is free.