The Slovenian branch of celebrated the 2nd anniversary of its existence

The Slovenian branch of celebrated the 2nd anniversary of its existence. The European company offers a smart platform for road transport, the use of which is spreading rapidly through companies from logistic and transport activities, thus entering the market of the Adriatic region.

The platform, which offers more than 70 million offers annually, enables users to search for empty vehicles and ready-made loads. After choosing the best partner, customers can negotiate a transaction within a few minutes with a message application in the lower right corner of the window. Messages are also kept as legal proof in the event of misunderstandings.

Users of the platform can recommend each other to raise their ratings. Transport optimization brings savings, less traffic retention, faster service, improved reputation in general for all participants and creates a secure business environment with verified business partners.

The process of checking users of the system, perfected during the 14 years of existence of the company, eliminates the companies of other branches, who do not use system for regular business and could use it only for obtaining data. With this procedure, the system provides additional safe use and the shortest time from demand to performance of the service.

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