Medical train sent from Nanchang to Paris

RZD Logistics JSC, SNCF Forwardis (a subsidiary of SNCF, the national company of French railways), Cosco group, and UTLC JSC organize the delivery of medical devices from Nanchang (Jiangxi Province, East China) to Paris.

A train consisting of 41 forty-foot containers with a cargo of medical supplies (40 million medical masks, gloves, gowns, gel dispensers and other protective equipment for hospital staff) departed from Nanchang Central Station on June 4, the arrival in Paris is expected in 20 days, which is twice as fast as by sea and at times cheaper than air delivery.

The train will follow the “southern” transit route through Kazakhstan, which is operated by UTLC. Forwarding on the territory of China will be provided by Chinese companies Cosco and CRCT, on the territory of 1520 gauge area – RZD Logistics, on the territory of Europe – SNCF Forwardis. The coordinator of negotiations between partners in China and Europe was FELB (a subsidiary of RZD Logistics).