STAMH GROUP was part of the 9th logistics and transport annual conference in Belgrade

The completely renovated STAMH Group unit in Serbia, STAMH doo, took part in one of the leading events in the logistics sector in the country – The 9th Logistics and Transport Annual Conference, held on November 9th, in Belgrade. For the 9th consecutive time, the glamorous event was organized by the Serbian Logistics Association (SLA), a voluntary association whose main goal is to improve transport, logistics and supply chain processes in Serbia.

Intralogistics and distribution centers optimization was one of the main topics during the event.

– It’s completely clear that a well-functioning logistics chain must rely on well-organized and fast logistics hubs. A well-functioning warehouse equipment and the proper design of the processes in the distribution center is essential – shared Igor Rak, Regional Sales Manager of STAMH d.o.o.

During the forum were exhibited innovative storage technologies for pallets, such as the semi-automatic Radio Shuttle systems and the Mobile Racking pallet racks, which significantly speed up all warehouse processes and can reduce the operational costs in the future.

These systems allow up to 100% storage space optimization – which means that in the same area, you can store twice as many pallets, making your warehouse cost-effective and gainful, added Rak.

During the conference, representatives of STAMH doo showed how the company’s racking systems are already functioning in the Rosa spring water distribution center, near Topli Do in Serbia. Coca Cola’s logistics hub, equipped by STAMH, serves markets: Austria, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Crna Gora, Albania. The semi-automatic Radio Shuttle system in it buffers, stores, and retrieves up to 4,608 pallets with very high storage density.

– Our main goal during the conference was to convince our partners to consult a company with sufficient international experience and provable expertise when designing their new warehouses and choosing the equipment – said Rak, in conclusion.

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