Waberer’s invests in forklift trucks

The Waberer’s Group considers sustainability as a primary requirement not only when procuring its tractors and trailers. In addition to the use of modern and reliable vehicles in service on the highways of Hungary and all over Europe, a high priority objective is to facilitate the daily work of the warehouse staff with the application of the most modern and environmentally engineered equipment.

The Group’s latest acquisition of forklift trucks for more than € 2.5 mn has also been implemented in this spirit.

Waberer’s, as Hungary’s leading logistics service provider, employs cutting-edge technologies to guarantee profitability and high service standards. The company’s fleet of 350+ forklifts is in the service of operating a warehouse capacity of about 240,000 sq.m and the efficient implementation of the reception and dispatch of goods.

Waberer’s International Nyrt. – in an effort to retain its competitiveness and key role in the Hungarian economy, now increases the capacity of its fleet of lifting equipment by 75%, continues to modernise the process of the reception and dispatch of goods and uses an eco-friendly solution to promote sustainable development.

Environmental efficiency and flexibility are important elements for the modernisation of the fleet, so exclusively equipment featuring Li-Ion batteries are procured, which guarantee higher energy efficiency, shorter charging time, longer service life expectancy and a smaller ecological footprint. An additional important requirement for the Group was to acquire equipment with environmentally neutral recycling features and batteries also lending themselves to reuse.

In the framework of the project Waberer’s procured a total of 118 forklifts, of which 93 were made by Linde and 25 units were Toyota models, to be deployed at the BILK and Páty warehouses of the Group. This has been the largest volume transaction of the Group with Linde since 2010. In addition to the quality standards represented by the company, the key arguments for Waberer’s in favour of choosing Linde equipment also included the rigorous inspection and testing procedures applied in their production.

Procurement projects of Waberer’s International continue also in the future, another forklift acquisition is already scheduled with a budget of € 2 mn, again with focus on serving the ever-changing demands, the enhancement of efficiency and the eco-friendly technology.

Source/photo: waberers.com