Consistent trademark prosecution ensures quality of the Europallet exchange pool

The Customs office in Ruse, Bulgaria, informed Rail Cargo Group as the owner of the EUR in oval trademark about suspension of Europallets. They were found in a truck containing Europallets coming from Ukraine, heading to Bulgaria. The pictures sent by Customs to RCG clearly showed that these were counterfeit Europallets and therefore had to be destroyed. The importer of Europallets was immediately made aware of the counterfeit goods and was given a deadline to respond to Customs, but this passed without a response.

Due to excellent cooperation with the customs authorities in Bulgaria, and thanks to a dedicated RCG employee, the Europallets stored in the customs storage area were taken to their final destination and immediately destroyed.

Thomas Metlich, Public & Cargo Affairs Manager and Chairman of the “Questions about palletization” UIC work group at ÖBB-Holding AG, said the following:

– In the event of a trademark violation, our aim is to react as quickly and efficiently as possible so that the quality of the open exchange pool of Europallets is constantly maintained. We take our trademark rights extremely seriously and act on behalf of EUR license holders as well as the user of the EUR in oval trademark.

Source/photo: OBB