Sailing towards success: Agent Plus secures agency from South Korean Giant HMM, for the entire region

An exciting development in logistics and transportation has been reported in the region, as the renowned domestic company Agent Plus Group has been officially appointed as the exclusive agent for one of the largest shipping companies in the world – HMM (Hyundai Merchant Marine, ranked eighth in global container shipping). The collaboration agreement was signed in August of this year for the markets of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, solidifying a crucial step towards improving logistics in the region.

– This collaboration marks a new chapter for both companies and gives us, a domestic company, the opportunity to provide even higher-quality container transport services to all our clients – said Zoran Netković, CEO of Agent Plus Group.

– Together with the South Korean giant, HMM, we have the chance and the potential to further enhance our operations in this segment of logistics activities.

Agent Plus Group has managed to build a professional reputation and exceptional trust in the world of transportation and logistics. Their dedication, reliability, and quality without compromise in their work have allowed them to become significant players in the global market and gain the trust of HMM. Through the successful implementation of various regional and domestic projects and the provision of services at the highest level, Agent Plus Group has distinguished itself as a reliable partner, ready to achieve the highest standards in the logistics sector.

The partner company’s offices, named “HMM Agency,” cover different parts of the region. The representations for HMM Agency Serbia and HMM Agency Montenegro will be headquartered in Belgrade, while the representations for HMM Agency Croatia and HMM Agency Bosnia and Herzegovina are located in Rijeka.

HMM, a global leader in integrated logistics solutions, offers various types of maritime services through its fleet of over 100 different vessels –, connecting maritime ports worldwide on all continents, using state-of-the-art logistics IT systems. Environmental protection is a top priority for them.

With only three VLCC vessels in 1976, HMM has made significant progress and is now widely recognized as a global supplier of integrated logistics services, further strengthening its competitive advantage.

Intention to become significantly involved in the Balkans and Mediterranean markets reflects its assessments of the market’s importance and growth potential. In Serbia, HMM’s collaboration with Agent Plus coincided with the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Serbian and South Korean governments in various fields of economic activity, which will undoubtedly boost this objective.

This joint collaboration is not only a testament to Agent Plus Group’s quality of work, but also a sign that the transportation and logistics industry is moving towards strong partnerships based on trust.