Port of Constantza comes back to Novi Sad on September 28th

On September 28th, the 15th edition of the Constanța Port Day in Novi Sad will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Novi Sad, an event organized by Constantza Port Administration, through its representative in Serbia, and which has become a traditional logistic event in Serbia and a meeting opportunity for the most important actors in the field of transport, logistics and agri-business.

After the COVID crisis, the logistic market is affected by a new context.

– The war in Ukraine has raised the level of the logistic challenges especially in Constanta port, being the main port for ukrainian grains. In 2022 the handled traffic registered 75.5 million tons. Of the total traffic recorded in 2022, maritime traffic was 60 million tons, and river traffic represented 15.57 million tons. For the first half of this year, according to preliminary data, there are increases in cargo traffic of 6% – almost 40 mil. tons being registered – has stated Florin Vizan, general manager of Constanța Port.

– This is a trend that creates perfect conditions for exceeding the traffic from 2022 – adedd Vizan.

Regarding the traffic of goods originating or transiting to Serbia, in 2022 6.7 million tons were recorded.

The most important groups of goods are: iron ores, iron and steel scrap, blast furnace slag – 1.86 milion tonnes, fertilizers (natural and chemical) – 1.85 milion tonnes, grains – 1.3 million tonnes, solid mineral fuels – 700.000 tonnes, petroleum products – 200.000 tonnes.

The goods from Serbia that transited the Constanța Port were destined for South Africa, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Indonezia and Turkey.

In order to support port operators and to provide them conditions to attract cargo traffic, Port of Constanta focuses on investments in port infrastructure, both from European funds and from own sources.

Projects of almost 134 million euros are already underway from European Union funds, and projects worth over 500 million euros are being prepared. Last year, various investments and repairs from own funds began, new ones will be added to them, the company’s budget for these works being almost 300 million RON (~60 million EUR).

In the short and medium term, development objectives related to investments aimed at the development of transport infrastructure: investment dredging for depth growth, road modernization, quays, fillings, modernization of networks (energy, water, canal, gas), which represents the public domain of the state. Some of them are already underway, others in preparation.

In the long run, Port of Constanta has initiated a project to expand the operating capacity of the port, by creating new areas and operating berths that will serve to the specialized terminals. Sources of financing are currently being sought, with investments being considerable.

In addition to the aspects related to the development of the port infrastructure, CN APM is still involved in the expansion of cooperation relations with countries on the transport routes – especially on the Middle Corriod.

The Port of Constanța is the main gateway to the EU for cargo flows transitioning Georgia from the Caspian Sea area. Constantza Port Administration has been actively involved in a continuous process of maintaining and seeking new partnerships. The new context has imposed the setup on new logistic routes especially in the Black Sea. In this respect, in Constanta port new services were established with Poti in Georgia for containers and RoRo carriers and is planning a new regular route with the Turkish port Karasu, creating new links and opportunities regarding Middle Corridor and Caspian Sea region for the countries in the hinterland, Serbia being a traditional partner for Constanta port.

Photo: Monica Velicu, Luka Konstanca