LUKA KOPER: The key infrastructural project for the container segment

Luka Koper has started in these days the main construction works for the extension of the southern part of Pier I. The first phase of the project consists of the quayside extension of 98,5 meters and 34,4 meters of width. The quayside is expected to be completed in March 2021 bringing the total length of the quay to 695 meters. In the second phase 24.830 m2 of additional stacking areas for containers will be constructed – these works should be completed in 2022. With the extension of Pier I the annual capacity of the container terminal will rise to 1.3 million TEU.

Together with the optimization of various terminal processes, the capacity is expected to increase further to 1.5 million TEUs/year. In addition to the annual capacity increase, daily yard capacity will also benefit from these investments. The average yard utilization in 2020 fluctuates between 60 and 70 %, which enables smooth operations on all levels. New stacking areas will provide additional room for handling occasional peaks, when the daily yard utilization can exceed 90 % of the capacity.

The value of the investment is 45,6 million euros, partially co-financed from the NAPA4CORE project of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme.

With the optimization of processes, we have also increased the capacity of the railway segment of the container terminal, contributing to reliable and time-efficient intermodal services. A fourth Rail-Mounted Gantry (RMG), which should become operational this September, will further strengthen the performance on the rail segment.