First hydrogen-powered terminal tractor operational in port of Rotterdam

A collaboration between Dutch fuel cell system developer and special vehicle tractor manufacturer Terberg Benschop resulted in the first concept tractor of the hydrogen-powered YT203-H2. Testing of the fuel cell terminal tractor started this month in the port of Rotterdam, where the vehicle is deployed in daily operations to collect a wide range of data.

The YT203-H2 is currently deployed in the United Waalhaven Terminals in Rotterdam, where it operates alongside conventional diesel tractors.

The vehicle is equipped with four 350 bar hydrogen fuel tanks containing a total of 14.4 kg of hydrogen, enough for a full day of operations in the tough working conditions the harbor offers.

The vehicle is the result of a joint development process between Terberg and While Terberg is responsible for the vehicle, provided a custom hydrogen fuel cell system and storage, to fit the available space while maximizing hydrogen capacity and fuel cell performance.

– With our roots and experience in pioneering hydrogen in motorsport, we are now able to offer highly compact and performance-optimized fuel cell solutions that put our clients ahead of the competition. By taking on the task of integration and offering an all in one package we enable vehicle manufacturers like Terberg and their clients to reap the benefits that hydrogen offers – says Kevin Schreiber, project lead and co-founder of

The hydrogen tractor is designed to provide the same or more tractive power than diesel-powered terminal tractors, but with zero emissions and without the noise of combustion engines. The proof of concept marks a big step from design studies to real-life validation. The project is being supported by the DKTI-Transport subsidy scheme of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.