CEVA Logistics Extends Worldwide Relationship with Ferrari

CEVA Logistics, a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group, has signed a new multi-year agreement to continue providing all logistics services for Scuderia Ferrari’s cars and equipment during Grand Prix events, as well as for GT races and Ferrari Challenge events.

This extension marks the strengthening of the relationship and mutual trust between two renowned brands in the world of motorsport and logistics. As a Team Partner of Scuderia Ferrari, the CEVA Logistics logo will remain on Scuderia Ferrari’s new 2024 single-seater, on the team’s vehicles, and on the equipment and clothing of the drivers and racing team. Scuderia Ferrari’s new 2024 single-seater will be unveiled on Feb. 13. In addition to its brand exposure in the Formula 1 World Championship, CEVA Logistics will be visible in other series, such as the GT Ferrari Challenge.

Scuderia Ferrari has taken part in every edition of the Formula 1 World Championship since 1950 and holds the record for the most Grand Prix wins, with 243 victories and 16 Constructors’ World Championships. CEVA Logistics continues to strengthen its international positioning as part of its goal to become one of the world’s Top 5 logistics players.

The Formula 1 World Championship continues to grow in terms of media coverage, attracting hundreds of millions of TV viewers every year and maintaining its progress in the main motorsports markets, namely Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Spain, the UK and the USA. With the increase in the number of Grand Prix per season, and the return of the Chinese leg in 2024, Formula 1 is strengthening and consolidating its global presence.

Since 2022, CEVA Logistics has deployed its expertise and capacity for innovation by making all of its global logistics resources available to Scuderia Ferrari. Thanks to its agility and expertise, CEVA has transported equipment around the world within the timeframes required to ensure the smooth running of the Scuderia Ferrari racing season.

As a result of the confidence in its world-class network to ensure the road, sea, air and rail transport, CEVA is ready for the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship, which will include 24 events worldwide starting on March 2 in Bahrain and ending on December 8 in Abu Dhabi.

Decarbonization remains a major challenge and a stated objective for both companies. As part of the CMA CGM Group, CEVA Logistics is committed to protecting the environment, and the Group is committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050. As part of its actions, CEVA offers its customers alternative fuel options, including biofuel, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and biomethane for sea transport, sustainable fuels for air transport and biofuels or electric vehicles, for land transport.

In 2023, CEVA Logistics also demonstrated its ability to innovate by organizing a world-first rail transport service to deliver Scuderia Ferrari’s equipment between three North American Grand Prix, thus reducing the carbon footprint by 90 percent compared to air transport and by 32 percent compared to road transport alone. All these initiatives contribute to Formula 1’s commitment to sustainable development.

Source/photo: cevalogistics.com